Services at St. Leonard's

Everyone is always welcome at St. Leonard’s and all of the Team churches.

The services listed below are all at St. Leonard’s unless otherwise stated.

July 7th - Trinity 6

9:30am – Morning Worship

July 14th - Trinity 7

11:00am – Family Service


July 21st - Trinity 8

10:00am – Team Service at St. Margaret’s, Stratton St. Margaret.

Stratton Team Ministry Choir Present:

NB – No service at St. Leonard’s

June 28th - Trinity 9

9:30am – Holy Communion

Can't find what you're looking for?

Whilst we aim to keep this list of services current, it does occasionally get a bit out of date – sorry.  

The good news is that the services follow a set pattern every month (with very very few exceptions), so if what you’re looking for isn’t listed above, you can work it out from this:

1st Sunday (1st-7th) – Morning Worship at 9:30am

2nd Sunday (8th-14th) – Family Service at 11:00am

3rd Sunday (15th-21st)  – Team service at 10:00am at one of the churches in the Team (see the Team website for details if it’s not on here)

4th Sunday (22nd – 28th) – Holy Communion at 9:30am  

5th Sunday (29th-31st) – Team service, so details as for the 3rd Sunday

We’re pleased to say that our beautiful old building is fully accessible to wheelchair users.  

Both car-parking and toilets are very generously made available for our use during services in Stanton House Hotel, which is just next door.