St. Leonard’s – in common with pretty much every other Church in the country – receives no central funding from Government or from the Church of England.  That’s fine – there’s no reason why it should be any different – but it does mean that all of our running costs have to be met by the donations of our members, by fund raising and by the generosity of our visitors.  


If you would like to support St. Leonard’s, to enable us to continue to be a central part of the life of Stanton Fitzwarren, and to maintain our beautiful building for this and future generations, then please click the blue Donate button at the top of this page.  

This will take you to the Stratton Team Ministry donations web page, which handles online donations for all 3 churches in the Team.  


Be sure to choose St. Leonard’s, Stanton Fitzwarren (General Giving) from the drop-down menu.  Everything else should be self explanatory.


Donations – of course – don’t always have to be about money.  There’s always plenty to be done in and around the church, and so if you would like to offer your time and talents please drop us an email by clicking here.

Your generosity is very much appreciated – thank you.